Addressing Information

Doddridge and Ritchie Counties respective Code:
WHEREAS, pursuant to W. VA. Code Articles 7-1-3 and 7-1-3cc, and consistent with W. Va. Code Article 24E-1-1 et seq., the (Ritchie/ Doddridge) County Commission has the authority to provide for the elimination of hazards to public health and safety; to establish and regulate naming or renaming of roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives and the like, in cooperation with local postal authorities, the Division of Highways and the directors of the Ritchie County emergency communications center; and to assure uniform, non-duplicative conversion of all rural routes to city-type addressing on a permanent basis.


WV State/County Code specifies that any private road or driveway with two or more addressable structures be named for proper identification by emergency services. The road name and house number possibly may not be the same as your postal address. Please contact the CCI Mapping & Addressing office to start the process of naming your private road if it needs to be named.


It is highly recommended that each officially named private driveway or access road have a street sign; mounted at the point where the driveway exits the State route or Street. Street signs are available at CCI for your private driveway or access road. Each double sided sign costs $30; we also have several types of brackets for sale.

Road Name Sign


House numbers signs are also highly recommended for the purpose of locating your home or business. The house number signs are to be mounted where visible from the main route. We have house number signs available for at $15 for each double sided sign. Again, we also have several types of brackets for sale.

House Sign

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