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Central Communications, Inc. Doddridge and Ritchie Counties 911 Center




Software Used by CCI


This is one of our Dispatch Positions. The two screens to the right are for the CAD system; the two to the right are for the phone, radio and 911 phone system.


Moducom 2
This is our Moducom Software; this screen controls the radio channels (left), the 911 phones (center), and the Admin phones (right).
This Moducom Screen controls the paging system, plus some door and gate controls.

This window gives us the 911 callers location (billing address) and callback number.

This is our Genesis Recording System interface. We record all phone lines and radio channels, and can listen to and burn CD's of call traffic from this interface.

The left part of the screen shows all the active calls and the times for events; the right screen shows the status of all units.

This is the map system within
Global Software's CAD system.

This is the WVSAMS site, a web based interface used by our Mapping and Addressing people, maintained by the State of WV.

This is our EZ911 software, our in-house mapping and addressing application.

We also use software such as Microsoft XP, Vista, and Server 2008 operating systems; SQL Server 2005, Office 2003, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Acrobat, Crystal Reports 11, and many numerous other programs.
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